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What can Creative Campus
do for Your School?

The Creative Campus Team has over 20 years of combined experience in school branding. We partner with school leaders to create or refresh your educational brand. From recruitment strategies, to engaging on-campus experiences, to changing school culture and perception, we do more than just put your logo on a wall or mug, we help you create an impact.

Let's Get Started...

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Brand Creation:

Logo and Identity Design

Branding goes beyond a new logo. It is a well-thought-out strategy that becomes your school’s most valuable asset. It is the foundation of your school's identity and traditions, and what will give your school the edge from recruitment and fundraising to school spirit and retention.

Campus Graphics & Experience:

Facilities Branding

Enhancing the on-campus experience with facilities branding generates excitement, school spirit and promote student engagement. From wall-murals, to way-finding... from cafeterias and athletic spaces, the on-campus experience has a powerful impact that brings your branding full-circle.

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Recruitment, Retention and Promotion: From Marketing to Fanwear

We work to create a professional and unified look for all of your marketing and promotional needs. From recruitment to retention to graduation, excitement about your school's brand generates school spirit and positive perceptions. 

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